With five years of work support, I admit having a great work experience with Rob. He is totally honest, trustworthy and consistent. He is personal, and has the unique ability to treat even the most interesting and demanding of clients with respect and in a most genuine manner. Rob is immensely kind and hardworking and his high standards assure that his work quality is uncompromised. Always available for work, Rob reads situations well and anticipates the upcoming problems.

It is a privilege for anyone to have the opportunity to work with Rob and one that won't be regretted.
Rob Toma is amazing with his work ethic, demeanor and professionalism. There was not a single thing that Rob could not handle or solve and his experience in the industry is clearly visible in everything he does. Rob has incredible passion and is an astounding professional.

He is beyond any professional in the music and entertainment industry that I have ever worked with!
In six years of professional bonding with Rob, I have attended several tours with him. He has been in several capacities including personal assistant, logistics manager, assistant tour manager and ground and travel manager. Rob is hardworking and has an eye for detail. With an amazing sense of humour, Rob makes his clients extremely comfortable.

In my 32 years of working at the top level in the music industry, I can hand on heart say that Rob is one of the best and most genuine, hardworking and unique professionals that I have ever worked with. He is both an immense professional and an all round lovely man.
I have known and worked with Rob for several years now. Rob's passion for his artist's well being and his attention to detail are unsurpassed. Having Rob on board is a new definition of "peace of mind." Rob has consistently been a problem solver. In addition, Rob brings a tremendous knowledge of worldwide travel. He has a wealth of contacts that will consistently save the day no matter where you are. Rob is also known and respected by many iconic music legends who he has worked with or crossed paths. They all remember and respect Rob.

I would welcome Rob any time, any where, to make things better.